Environment, Health and Safety and the Visual Arts

Malak Karsh photos

It has been known for some time that certain arts techniques have inherent dangers associated with them. Certain paints the masters used contain lead, Michelangelo's sculptures required the use of sharp tools, and Malak Karsh's photos were developed in harsh chemicals.

In order to inform University artists about the hazards associated with techniques used at the Department of Visual Arts, an Artist's Guidebook to Hazards was developed. This Guidebook is specifically tailored to the University with content developed by a joint effort between ORM and Visual Arts.

It is essential that budding and professional artists understand that in order to keep providing us with their unique view of our world, they need to know:

  • How to obtain information on the products they are working with,
  • Handling and storage requirements for hazardous products,
  • Disposal methods of hazardous waste,
  • Protective equipment use, and
  • Health and safety roles and responsibilities within the Department of Visual Arts.


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