Smoke-free zones at the University of Ottawa

The University of Ottawa has expanded its smoke-free zones to comply with the revised by-law that the City of Ottawa introduced in 2012.

Smoking is no longer permitted at the following areas:

  • all University of Ottawa sports facilities, including the Minto arena and sports field, as well as the Lees Avenue open-air sports field.
  • all food service patios, including Lamoureux, Grad House and the patios surrounding the University Centre
  • Tabaret lawn and patio
  • Alta Vista Campus (including Roger Guindon, 600 and 850 Peter Morand)

Smoking continues to be prohibited in all buildings as well as within nine meters of any entrance or air intake.

What else is new?


Please help us all respect the environment and each other. Please do not smoke in the smoke-free areas and please use the designated receptacles to dispose of your cigarette.

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