Spill Response Procedure

For major spills (> 100 times exception quantity, or contamination of personnel, or release of volatile),immediately inform ORM.

  1. Notify all individuals in the immediate area that a spill has occurred. 
  2. Increase distance from the spill. If the spill is severe, this may require evacuating the area.  
  3.  If evacuation is required, lock and sign door. The warning sign should include your name, as  well as a location of spill and time of return.
  4. Limit access to only those individual responding to the spill.  
  5. If personal contamination has occurred, gently wash skin with a mild soap and tepid water. 
  6. If personal (skin) contamination has occurred, immediately contact ORM

If safe to do:

  1. Contain the spill with absorbent material (paper towels).
  2. Obtain any additional supplies and/or personal protective equipment (overalls, shoes)
  3. Push spill toward its centre. Clean from outside to inside. Collect all contaminated material  in one appropriately labelled bag
  4. Decontaminate area with appropriate solutions (keep in mind biological or chemical

If fixed contamination above twice background remains, contact the ORM.  Leaving the scene after cleaning up:

  1. Monitor self (especially feet, hands and lab coat) for contamination.
  2. Leave lab coat behind if contaminated. Remove and take dosimetry badge to avoid  erroneous readings.
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