One of the primary controls the University has in ensuring the necessary control of radioactive material is its purchasing process. The University must ensure only those individuals who have been approved by the Radiation Safety Committee are authorized to purchase radioactive material; and only those radioisotopes and activities authorized may be purchased. These limits are set by taking into consideration the researchers needs, and the University of Ottawa's Nuclear Substances and Radiation Device Licence. ORM acts on behalf of the Committee and reviews all purchases prior to issuing an approval.
As the purchasing process may at times be just as simple as completing a Radioactive Purchase Requisition form or, it can also become quite complex as when negotiating a contract. The significance and impact of purchasing contracts are discussed in Section 2.5.1, “Purchasing and Shipping Factors”. The Purchasing Procedure which defines the roles and responsibilities of each party and the procedure to be followed can be found in Section 2.5.4, “Purchasing Procedure”. 

Forms are designed for use by users of radioactive material. Please contact rad.safety@uottawa.ca, if assistance is needed to fill out any form.

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