Monitoring Packages

All packages containing radioactive material must be monitored for contamination to ensure there has been no loss of containment during transit. Note, if a package is damaged or there is evidence of leakage such as broken seals or discoloured packing, the Radiation Specialist or Assistant Director of Radiation and Biosafety must be notified.


Monitoring of the external surfaces of packages containing radioisotopes that are detectable by a contamination monitor (Geiger counter) should be done and any anomalies such as radiation levels in excess of the package labelling, incorrect transport index, contamination, leakage, short or wrong shipment reported to the Radiation Safety Officer.
Monitoring either by direct (contamination monitor) or indirect (wipe tests ‐ LSC) methods must be done on the inner package or primary container of all received packages containing radioactive materials.The method used may depend on the type of radioisotope received.  All H‐3, C‐14, Ca‐45 and S‐35 samples will require indirect contamination monitoring using wipe tests and a liquid scintillation counter since the radiation from these radioisotopes is too weak to be detected by a contamination monitor.If contamination is detected, monitor all packaging and, if appropriate, all locations in contact with the package, for contamination. Contain the contamination, decontaminate, and dispose in accordance with the conditions of the Nuclear Substances and Radiation Devices licence.Report leakage to the Radiation Specialist or Assistant Director of Radiation and Biosafety.
The results from the contamination monitoring in Bq/cm2 (cpm will need to be converted to Bq/cm2) shall be documented on the Use and Disposition Sheet that is created for the new radioisotope.
Contamination Monitoring results of packages (upon receipt/prior to disposal) must be kept indefinitely.
For more information refer to CNSC's poster, "Guidelines for Handling Packages Containing Nuclear Substances" (INFO‐0744). Follow this link to the poster:
Forms are designed for use by users of radioactive material. Please contact, if assistance is needed to fill out any form.
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