The Radiation Safety Program uses numerous forms within the program. These forms are intrinsic to the program and are designed for use by users and permit holders.The forms can be quite complex and most are not "Accessible" through nor compatible with electronics screen reader technology. For this reason,please contact if assistance is needed to fill out any form. The forms with links to the actual form are listed below under their related subject.


internal radioisotope permit application Open source

Internal Radioisotope Permit Application - Sealed source

Internal Radioisotope Permit Amendment – Open source

User Registration

New Radioisotope User Registration form - Opens source

Application for Authorization to Access Radioisotope Laboratories(Non-Radioactive Users)

Request to Access Radioactive Storage Room form

Nuclear Energy Worker Notification Form


Radioisotopes Purchase Requisition Form

Use and Disposition

Inventory of Use and Disposition


Wipe Test Analysis Record of Contamination Monitoring Monthly Log 

Leak Test

Sampling Certificate(Sealed Source)

Measuring Certificate(Sealed Source)


Aqueous Liquid Waste Log

Liquid Scintillation Waste Log

Non-Aqueous Liquid Waste Log

Radioactive Carcass Waste Log

Radioactive solid Waste Log


Radiation Decommissioning Guide

Radiation Decommissioning Form


Collaboration Involving Radioactive Material

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