Job hazard analysis

A job hazard analysis (JHA) can serve as an invaluable tool to all persons associated with the task. A job hazard analysis takes a specific job that a person may perform, breaks the job down into manageable steps, and identifies any and all hazards associated with each step. The process is usually jointly conducted by the worker who is doing the task and by the supervisor responsible for overseeing the task.

Office of Risk Management has provided a template for a job hazard analysis. This template will greatly assist individual supervisors in identifying and assessing a particular job or task for hazards, either actual or potential. Once the template is completed, appropriate hazard controls can be identified and implemented.

For additional information on job hazard analysis, visit CCOHS. For information on how to conduct a job hazard analysis, please visit the Public Services Health and Safety Association.

Example Assessments are provided below and are separated by function.

Generic assessments

Office / administrative
Lab / workshop
Facilities / protection
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