Field Work


Back Packs representing a fieldtrip


The University participates in many programs that require our professors, students and employees to perform field work. Several considerations must be taken into account when performing field work. Some of these include:

  • Making arrangements for access, security clearance, and contacts,
  • Planning for weather conditions,
  • Having emergency gear, local contacts, and embassy numbers,
  • Planning for equipment needed and supplies,
  • Transportation arrangements
  • Licences and permits required for special activities such as fishing, diving, and boating,
  • Special training to transport dangerous goods,
  • Insurance coverage, and
  • Travel abroad restrictions.

Do not assume anything. Being stuck out in the field or abroad without materials or contact information that could easily have been planned for is avoidable. Please read the Field Work Guide (The document is only available in French at this time and is still in draft format) to get more details.


The University Materials Management Service has special insurance requirements and it is recommended to contact them to obtain the latest information on insurance overage for your trip.

The Foreign Affairs Travel Assistance site provides recommendations on traveling abroad. It is to be noted that the University may not provide coverage to certain countries.

Public Health Agency of Canada has a travel advisory page that should be consulted before field trips.

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