Occupational health and safety

There are several documents required by the Occupational Health and Safety Act that shall be posted at each bulletin board location. These bulletin boards are conspicuously posted in high traffic areas across campus.

Health and safety board

Listed below are the documents that are required to be posted, in both official languages, on all occupational health and safety bulletin boards. Many documents are posted on the arch file, with a table of contents. A copy of the prevention posters from the Ministry of Labour, form 82 from the WSIB and the Occupational Health and Safety Act are also posted on the board.

Tab Documents
1 Committee meeting minutes
2 List of committee members
3 Terms of reference
4 MOL orders / field visits
5 Injury, Illness and Incident Reporting Procedure
6 Right to Refuse Unsafe Work Procedure

Policy 58 - Smoking Policy
Policy 66 - Violence Prevention


Policy 67a - Prevention of Harassment and Discrimination
Policy 67b - Prevention of Sexual Violence
Policy 77 - Occupational Health and Safety

9 Mission statement of Office of Risk Management
10 List of bulletin boards

Examples of the posters required are included to the right. Posters are available from the Office of Risk Management.

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