Building management agents

Deans and directors will designate - for each building in which there are University of Ottawa premises or occupied by University Staff member - the management agent for health and safety matters. This is a person to whom Functional Occupational Health and Safety Committees (FOHSCs) or the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (UJOHSC) are to submit reports of problems concerning that building. The FOHSCs or the UJOHSC are to submit reports of problems concerning several buildings or campus areas outside of buildings to the Office of Risk Management.

The Office of Risk Management will also communicate with these individuals for health and safety matters related to their space(s).

Role of Building Management Agents

  • Contact person for each Faculty / Service within a building
  • Oversees the operations within the work unit / building
  • Coordinates with contractors (as necessary)
  • Distributes information to occupants
  • Participate in health and safety inspections and respond to the reports
  • List is updated 4 times per year

The building management agent is most commonly the facility manager or physical resources agent for the work unit.



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