Health & Safety Committees

At the University of Ottawa, there exists a single joint occupational health and safety committee known as the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee (UJOHSC) which includes representation from the 3 Functional Occupational Health and Safety Committees (FOHSC). The three functional committees represented are Offices, Laboratories, and Protection & Physical Resources.

Terms of Reference
The University Terms of Reference for the Health & Safety Committees set forth the purpose and structure of the Health & Safety Committees. The document includes standards for meeting frequency, achieving quorum, resolution processes, committee composition, along with other goals and roles.

List of Health & Safety Committee Members
All Health & Safety Committee Members are listed online - they may be consulted, and / or have Health & Safety matters brought to their attention for assistance.

Workplace Inspections
As a part of the Ontario Health & Safety System, the workplace must be inspected at specific intervals. The University Health & Safety Committee Members play an important role in identifying hazards - either actual or potential - and reporting them to the employer. There is a process and standardized format for workplace inspections.

Building Management Agents
Following a workplace inspection, the report is typically sent to the building's Facility Manager, or Building Manager - also called Building Management Agent. A complete list can be found online and is updated 4 times per year

Meeting Minutes
Following each Committee Meeting, a Committee Secretary provides written minutes of the meeting along with any decisions and recommendations. The meeting minutes are available online for members of the committee, and posted on the health & safety bulletin boards.

Work refusal 
All workers have the right to refuse work that they feel poses a danger to themselves or others. If such a situation arises, please use the following process to have the matter addressed.

Work stoppage
As with a work refusal, there is a process to follow for a bi-lateral work stoppage. This process originates from a situation in which a certified member of the health & safety committee believes that "dangerous circumstances" exist.

Health & Safety Bulletin Boards
Most of the above information is available by consulting one of the nearly 40 campus-wide health & safety bulletin boards. These information stations are located throughout campus and are updated frequently.

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