The Occupational Health and Safety team at the Office of Risk Management provides technical expertise and support to ensure compliance with the Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act, its Regulations, and associated legislation by staff, contractors, students, and visitors to the University of Ottawa.

Common requests for information are listed briefly below. If additional information is required on the topic, or you can't locate the information you're looking for, please do not hesitate to contact the health and safety team.

At the University of Ottawa, there exists a single joint occupational health and safety named the University Joint Occupational Health and Safety Committee.

Working safely is always critical, but is especially important in workplaces with hazardous products, equipment and special processes.

The Internal Responsibility System is an organizational structure where everyone has direct responsibility for health and safety as an essential part of his or her job. It does not matter whom or where the person is in

Along with Ontario legislation, the University of Ottawa has developed specific policies, procedures, and guidelines applicable to the University community.


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