Training Requirements

The laser safety training consists of two mandatory parts (theoretical course and in-lab training) for individuals working with Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and systems. Please follow the steps below to become an authorized user:

  1. Complete the theoretical course:  

Users must take an online laser safety course: “Basics of Laser Safety” that covers the basics of lasers, bioeffects of laser radiation, laser hazard evaluation, laser classification, laser eyewear, control measures and non-beam hazards.

To register for this online course Please send an email to with the following information included:

  • User’s first and last names,
  • User’s email address,
  • PI’s first and last names, and
  • Type of lasers or laser systems the user will be working with.
  1. Take in-lab training:

Users must receive the in-lab practical training provided by the Permit Holder or the lab delegate and complete a Laser User Registration Form.

  1. Submit your theoretical course certificate and Laser User Registration Form to


Individuals working with Class 1 to 3R lasers and systems (e.g., confocal microscopes, embedded systems, etc.) can request the online course “Basics of Laser Safety” as well by sending an email to A training material “Principle of Laser Safety” is also available for review. 

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