Internal Laser Permit

The University of Ottawa follows the requirements stated in the American National Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers (ANSI Z136.1 - 2007), since it has been adopted by the Ontario Ministry of Labour (MOL). To ensure compliance with the laser safety standards, the University has established an internal laser permit process (i.e.: Permit to Use a Laser Emitting Device) through the Radiation Safety Committee in collaboration with the Office of Risk Management.

A permit is required for all classes of laser emitting devices on campus. Failure to comply with these requirements could have an impact on the safety of users and other members of the University community in contact with laser devices. The following application must be completed and sent to the Laser Safety Specialist and approved by the Assistant Director, Radiation and Biosafety Manager at the Office of Risk Management.

Permit Amendments

Part of the laser compliance program is an accurate, up-to-date laser inventory for each laboratory that operates one or more lasers. So have you just purchased a new laser? Did you get a laser from a colleague in another laboratory? Have you disposed of a laser? Have you modified your current laser settings or operating parameters? This form is also used to amend your permit. Please let us know!

When adding or modifying setups, a Laser Hazard Evaluation (LHE) may also be necessary. If you need assistance disposing of a laser, please contact the laser compliance specialist and indicate the disposal using our form.

Laser Emitting Device Form

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