Decommissioning a Laser Lab

Whether you are shutting down a lab completely or simply moving your lab to a new location, you must inform the Laser Compliance Specialist. The ANSI requirements of our program insist that an accurate account of laser devices be kept.

If you are moving labs, co-ordinating the move with the Laser Compliance Specialist will ensure that your new space is ready as soon as you are to continue your research.

Please fill in the Laser Emitting Device Form to document these changes. Be aware that if you are removing the laser device from the campus that you will need to co-ordinate with other services to deal with any hazardous materials associated with your laser.

In either case, if the laser is stored, in transfer or being disposed, remove the key from the control box and keep it somewhere secure and if possible, remove or disable any power cords. These steps will secure the laser from unauthorized use.

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