Guidelines to Register X-ray Equipment with Ministry of Labour

MOL Regulatory Requirements

The Ministry of Labour regulations apply(1) to every owner, employer, supervisor and worker at a workplace where:

  • An X-ray machine* is used or
  • An X-ray source**, that is not an X-ray machine is present or used, if the X-ray source is capable of producing an air kerma rate greater than 1.0 microGray/hour at any accessible point outside its surface

*X-ray machine = electrically powered device, the principal purpose of which is the production of X-rays; ** X-ray source = any device of that portion of any device, that emits X-ray whether or not the device is an X-ray machine

(1) Unless it is licensable under the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission

ORM Role

The Office of Risk Management is to facilitate the users community with the regulatory aspects associated with the X-ray equipment by providing the following:

  • Register the equipment with MOL
  • Ensure that the units believed not to meet the registration criteria have a certificate of shielding from the manufacturer and confirm with MOL that no further action is required
  • Keep documents on file : (i) application of registration, (ii) certificate of shielding so that is available for MOL review and (iii) manage the X-ray safety program and implement to ensure compliance with MOL

PI Role

  • Inform of intent of purchase or possession of an X-ray unit by submitting the “Notice of Intent” (see below)
  • Submit the documentation to ORM: i) application for a new permit (see form below) or ii) certificate of shielding
  • Comply with the University of Ottawa X-ray Safety Program and associated regulations

Notice of Intent to Purchase or Possess Form

University of Ottawa Permit Application Form

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