X-Ray Safety Program

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X-ray sources that are not regulated by the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission at the University of Ottawa are usually regulated by the Ontario Ministry of Labour when these sources are analytical devices.

In recognition of these regulations, the University of Ottawa, has mandated the University of Ottawa's Radiation Safety Committee and ORM to develop an X-Ray Safety Program that not only ensures compliance but facilitates researc h activity. To this end, the Manager of Radiation and Biosafety and the Radiation Compliance Specialist, develop and modify the X-Ray Safety Program to meet both the needs of regulatory bodies and users.

Each X-Ray Emitting Device (XED) must be registered with the Ministry of Labour, prior to its use, and this registration must be amended should the unit be moved or disposed of. In addition, training requirement must be met. This web page has been developed to assist in meeting this requirements and facilitating in developing a safe work environment.

Should questions or concerns arise, the Radiation Compliance Specialist is happy to discuss and find solutions to any problem or clarify any issue that may arise.

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X-Ray Training


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