Biosafety Training – RG1

The Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) course “General Safety for Containment Laboratories” introduces how to work safely with low risk (Risk Group 1) biological agents. A course certificate is issued by the PHAC upon successful completion of the course. Retain this record on your file. As RG1 is not regulated by PHAC, this training is not added to the University’s main training database.  PHAC does retain a record of your successful completion of their training.

Please follow the guideline below to complete the Biosafety Training – RG1.

  1. Create a new account on the PHAC Training web page (left side of the page “create new account”)
  2. Once access is granted, log in and go to “Laboratory Biosafety and Biosecurity” -> “Principles of Laboratory Biosafety”
  3. Complete the course*:  General Safety For Containment Laboratories
  4. Download the Certificates and submit a copy to your PI for records retention

*Other topics that are applicable to your lab work should also be completed upon discussion with your supervisor.

If you have a technical problem contact PHAC directly as they retain all control over their training web site.  For any other questions, feel free to contact

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