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Note: To order supplies and equipment, please use the Regular Hazardous Waste Collection Request Form and scroll down to "Supply and Equipment Order" Section.



What is  Hazardous Waste?

A waste that, when present in quantities and concentrations that are high enough, poses a threat to human health or the environment if they are improperly stored, transported, treated or disposed.

To manage hazardous wastes appropriately, there must be systematic control of how they are collected, stored, transported, treated and disposed.

The University of Ottawa is registered with the Ministry of Environment (MOE) as a Hazardous Waste Generator. We generate Hazardous Waste through many of our activities including, but not limited to:

  • Teaching and Research

     Photographic supply waste, laboratory supplies and waste, paints, thinners, infectious waste, radioactive waste, etc.

  • Equipment and Materials used by the University

    Power plant water conditioning chemicals, refrigerants, used oil, etc.

  • Construction and Maintenance Work

    Batteries, paints, oil, gasoline etc.


Main Programs and Services

The University of Ottawa offers 4 main services relating to Hazardous Materials Management. They are as follows: 


1.Regular Hazardous Waste Collection Request

This service aims to promote and encourage environmental compliance by providing an easy to use hazardous waste disposal service. The hazardous waste generated through regular research related activities is collected directly at the laboratory, brought to a satellite accumulation room and then disposed of in accordance with applicable Regulations; free of charge. Some examples of waste falling under this category are:

  • Chemical waste generated through research
  • Chemical waste generated through teaching
  • used spill kits
  • Chemical waste generated through regular equipment maintenance & operation

This service is performed weekly as per the hazardou s waste collection schedule and also includes the replacement of hazardous waste containers. To request this service complete a regular hazardous waste collection request form online.

In order to request a “next day service” the request form must be submitted no later than 10AM the day prior. All requests received past the deadline will be scheduled in the next available time slot.


2.Special Hazardous Waste Collection Request

Hazardous waste that is not generated through normal everyday operations, research or teaching related activities and maintenance. Some examples which fall under this category are:

  • Lab decommissioning*
  • Lab decontamination*
  • Lab Packs (30+ chemicals)
  • Explosive or highly unstable waste** (i.e. expired chemicals)

There is no set schedule for these requests; they are scheduled in the next available open time slot pending availability (generally outside of the regular hazardous waste schedule).

* Costs are not covered by the ORM

** Costs may not always be covered by the ORM

To request this service please contact enviro@uottawa.ca and a representative of the department will contact you shortly. 


3.Regular Hazardous materials Transfer

This service is designed to transfer hazardous materials within uOttawa (on-site) and includes the pick-up at one location and the drop off at another location on campus.
An example of this service would be:

  • transferring a 4L bottle of acetone from main campus to ARC
  • transferring hazardous materials for laboratory relocation (moves within campus)


To request this service please complete the hazardous materials transfer request form and a representative of the department will contact you shortly. 

Important Note: this service does not include the relocation of non-hazardous equipment or materials.


4.Special Hazardous materials Transfer

This service is designed to transfer or dispose of hazardous materials for uOttawa (off-site)

A few examples of this service are:

  • Disposing of wastes generated off-site (Field Stations to Campus for disposal)
  • Relocating Research from a location off-site back to uOttawa

** Costs may not always be covered by the ORM

For special transfer requests we recommend planning ahead of time as the logistics involved in the transportation of hazardous waste and hazardous materials requires a significant amount of resources. To request this service please contact enviro@uottawa.ca  and a representative of the department will contact you shortly for scheduling and the respective logistics.



Complimentary Programs and Services

1. Supply Spill Kits (subject to approval)

Regular Spill kits are supplied to laboratories across campus and are replaced if and when the spill kits have been used.

Once a spill kit has been used, even if it is only partially used, it must be replaced. Following a spill report, the environmental management team will replace your used spill kit. 

Every spill should be reported. In order to report a spill complete the incident report form.


2. Supply Hazardous Waste Containers (subject to approval)

Compatible containers are supplied to laboratories needing to dispose of hazardous waste. These containers are to be used solely for hazardous waste; if the containers are not used for hazardous waste the faculty will be charged for the cost of the container(s).

  • 20L HDPE carboys
  • 10L HDPE pails
  • Specialized waste containers subject to approval (Drums, Glass Bottles, etc.)
  • Hazardous waste labels


For specialized waste containers, we strongly recommend planning ahead of time to ensure waste containers are available when required by the laboratory.  Depending on the compatibility requirements of the hazardous waste; containers may need to be purchased and shipped to the university.


3. Method Validation (pre-approved sewer disposal)
  • The environmental management team can review the waste being generated by the research / teaching activities and can advise on whether sewer disposal is permitted within the city by-law.
  • The request must include at minimum: a written standard operating procedure and the calculations for total volumes and concentrations of contaminants.


In order to request this service email enviro@uottawa.ca with the above stated documentation and kindly title the subject line “method validation request”. If the documentation and calculations are not available, our department can help guide users through the process.



Table 1. Hazardous Waste Containers 

Waste Type

Waste Container


Contaminated Broken Glass & Sharps


Plastic Container

White bench top plastic Non-Bio hazardous sharp containers3



Empty chemical bottles


Original Container


Liquid Chemical Waste


Amber glass bottle – Reused 1

White plastic carboy

Plastic waste drum 2


Solid Chemical Waste


White bench top plastic Non-Bio hazardous sharp containers3

Black reusable plastic pail

Metal waste drum 2


Non-flammable and Flammable Compressed Gas including aerosols


Original Container




Biohazardous / Infectious Waste


Yellow bench top plastic Bio hazardous/infectious sharp containers


Radioactive Waste

White single use plastic pail


  1. Original label defaced and replace with hazardous waste label. These laboratory containers are reused from liquid chemicals bought in either 1 L or 4 L glass containers.
  2. These containers are for special request and their use at the workplace must be approved by ORM.
  3. Includes hazardous sharp waste materials (non-bio hazardous, such as chemically contaminated broken glass and syringes).



Identification of Hazardous Waste

Hazardous Waste containers should be labelled using appropriate labels and include at minimum:

  1. Date the Hazardous Waste started being accumulated
  2. Contact name, room number and phone number of a relevant person
  3. Description of the Hazardous Waste – as detailed as possible, without abbreviations

To request hazardous waste labels, complete the “equipment and supplies” section of the regular hazardous waste collection form or email enviro@uottawa.ca

Important: Unidentified waste will not be collected.



Other Services

  • Laboratory decontamination
  • Laboratory decommissioning
  • Spill Response


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