Environmental Management

Part of operating an institution like the University includes environmental sampling and monitoring as well as sustainable development. The University has monitoring programs for a variety of environmental issues.

This particular page focuses on environmental issues.

Ministry of Environment

  • Environmental Compliance Approvals  regulating emissions to air, water and soil. Fume hood exhausts, emergency generators, power plant emissions, and certain equipment require these certificates;
  • Air emissions monitoring Reg. 127 requirements.
  • Hazardous waste disposal; and
  • Inventories of various substances such as asbestos and equipment of environmental concern.

Environment Canada and Federal Agencies

City of Ottawa

  • Sewer Use By-Law that the University must follow. Sewer effluent samples are taken at regular intervals and analysed for inorganic, organic, and biological activity parameters.
  • Noise By-Law that the University must follow.

Any new building or major renovation project requires a designated substance assessment. The purchase of new land requires completing a Phase I Environmental Assessment followed by Phase II and III work if contamination is found.


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