Visitors and Volunteers

Strict definitions apply to visitors and volunteers in a workplace setting. It is important for all concerned to understand the environmental and health and safety issues surrounding people who visit or volunteer on our campus.

Visitor - Person who is physically on University property and does not perform work, or supply a service.

Volunteer - As defined by the Ontario Health and Safety Act: a worker who performs work or supplies a service but who receives no monetary compensation. Volunteers are not covered by the WSIB in case of workplace-related injury. Volunteers assume the risk in case of injury and should consult their insurance company as a precautionary measure Supervisors (Professors and graduate students) must ensure their volunteers receive applicable training

Visitors and Volunteers MUST:

  • be in the presence of a University employee or professor at all times.
  • wear protective clothing, steel-toe boots, hard hats and other protective equipment as applicable when entering certain areas.
  • respect environmental management practices applicable to the University.

All visitors and volunteers are required to complete the waiver form and provide copies to:

This form has critical contact information that is essential in case of emergency. Delays in obtaining medical consent from personal  emergency contacts outside the University can be avoided.


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