The University of Ottawa has a comprehensive insurance program which provides financial assistance to the University in the event of large losses.  The insurance policies have many exclusions (approximately 1,600) and their applicability will depend on the specifics of the situation.  Therefore, it is not safe to assume that the insurance program will provide coverage for all participants in all activities.  If there is any doubt on the applicability of the coverage, please contact ORM (contact details below). 

In certain activities, such as those that are for high-risk activities or one-offs, the University may need to obtain additional specific insurance.

The University has over 25 insurance policies in place.  Additional details on the most broadly applicable policies are given below.



uOttawa has automobile liability and comprehensive coverage on vehicles that are owned or leased for the long term.  To be considered to be covered, the vehicle must have a “pink slip” issued by the Office of Risk Management kept in the vehicle.  Services and Faculties are charged for the auto insurance premiums.


Rental Vehicles/Non-Owned Auto

uOttawa has liability and comprehensive coverage that applies to vehicles rented on University business for less than 30 days where the Office of Risk Management has been advised of the rental, and issued a Certificate of Insurance, prior to the start of the rental period.  The University’s insurance only applies to vehicles with a replacement value of less than $50,000.  With the University’s insurance in place, the insurance offered by the rental car agency should be turned down.  The premium that will be charged by the Office of Risk Management to the renter’s FOAP is $9/day.


Commercial General Liability

uOttawa maintains a Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance policy which provides coverage for legal liability and defence costs arising from bodily injury and property damage, including professional malpractice.  In general, this policy covers employees and students who are conducting their official, University approved duties.  This coverage applies no matter where in the world these activities are performed.


Professional Malpractice

uOttawa is covered for Professional Malpractice of our employees or our students while conducting university-approved unpaid student placements for academic credit under our Commercial General Liability policy.


Professional Errors and Omissions

uOttawa maintains a Professional Errors and Omissions (E&O) insurance policy which provides coverage for legal liability and defence costs arising from the actions of Governors and Officers of the University, or from professionals acting as such in their official capacity.



uOttawa’s Property insurance policy provides coverage for the damage to, or destruction of, University owned or leased buildings and contents.  This coverage is on an “all risks” basis and includes losses such as fire, water damage and wind damage.  Of note, this policy does not cover mechanical breakdown or wear and tear issues.  The policy will reimburse the University for the full replacement cost of the item, subject to a significant deductible.  Details of purchases over $100,000 are obtained from Procurement Services and the faculties/services on an annual basis. If items are obtained through a different route (gifts, in-kind contributions etc), or property leases/arrangements entered into other than through Facilities, please let ORM know to ensure it is covered.


Fine Arts Policy

uOttawa has a dedicated policy to covering paintings, etchings, drawings and rare books that are owned by the University.  Items covered by this policy have to be specifically declared and are named in the policy.  If you have items that should be covered, please let ORM know (contact details below).


Shipment or Receiving of Goods

Typically items are received at the University FOB point of delivery.  This means the manufacturer or vendor of the items is responsible for the items under delivery and includes unloading.  However, uOttawa have obtained favourable rates for insuring shipments that are made.  This insurance is specific to the individual shipment and should be arranged directly with ORM (contact details below).


Certificates of Insurance

Contracts that uOttawa enters into may require a Certificate of Insurance to prove that the required insurance is in place.  When this is required, please send ORM the contract (contact details below), and any additional requirements.


How to Report a Loss

If you are aware of any situation where the damage is continuing, such as a water leak, your first contact should be with Protection Services, ext 5411.  They will then contact and involve other services as necessary.

If you or your team suffers a loss, please contact ORM to report it (contact details below).  ORM will then assist you.  Depending on the type of loss this could involve working with ORM and the University’s Legal Services in the event we receive a Statements of Claim or, for property losses, obtaining proof of ownership and replacement of damaged items.

Please note that a deductible will be applied for any reimbursements obtained thru uOttawa insurance policies.


Questions/Contact Details

If you have any questions about the University’s insurance coverage, whether a specific activity is covered, or if you have a potential claim to make, please contact us at:

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