Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance

Our Team

The Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance (ERM & I) team manages the University's ERM Program as well as its Operational Risk Management Program including risk retention, risk transfer and insurance programs.

Please note that our site is currently under reconstruction. If you have any questions, concerns or require guidance on a particular area of Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance, please contact one of the team members below. If in doubt as to who to contact, please email safety@uottawa.ca or contact us by phone at 613-562-5892.

André Bourbonnière

Associate Director


Tel. : 613-562-5800 x 2093

Cell: 613-218-0729

John Darragh

Risk Management Analyst - Insurance


Tel. : 613-562-5800 x 6542



  • Institutional Insurance Program
  • Insurance Claims
  • Insurance Certificates
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