Proof of Insurance Coverage / Certificates of Insurance

January 1, 2020


To whom it may concern:


Ref:       University of Ottawa Enterprise Risk Management & Insurance Program

              Proof of Insurance Coverage / Certificates of Insurance


The University of Ottawa’s Enterprise Risk Management and Insurance department, whose primary purpose it is to preserve and protect the University's resources against losses arising out of any occurrence, manages several programs that include risk retention, risk transfer, and standard commercial insurance placements. The University’s self-insurance and insurance programs, with limits exceeding $25,000,000, respond to various liability and property risk exposures. These programs continuously evolve and include over 25 individual insurance policies with various renewal dates, self-insured retentions and insurance limits. These programs apply on a worldwide basis, with a few exceptions.  

Our liability self-insurance and insurance programs provide coverage for, but not limited to, general/premises, automobile, professional, malpractice, and contractual liability. With limited exceptions, the University’s insurance coverage protects all officers, agents, employees and students of the University against liability for acts and omissions of any nature while acting in an authorized capacity in the course and scope of employment or their studies.

Our property self-insurance and insurance programs meanwhile provide coverage for loss or theft of, or damage to, various physical assets, including but not limited to buildings, equipment and contents owned by the University, and property loaned to the University for which the University accepts responsibility.

This letter is to provide you with the needed assurances regarding the University’s ability to meet any liabilities arising in connection with agreements and/or contracts, and serves as a general proof of coverage for the University. Considering our size, scope, and history since 1848 as an institution of post secondary education and research, the University of Ottawa does not generally issue certificates of insurance (proof of insurance). Exceptions to this rule are possible in particular circumstances for special risks that require them.

Should you wish to discuss the University’s self-insurance retention and insurance program further, please do not hesitate to contact me at (613) 562-5800 ext 2093 or at  


André Bourbonnière                                       Micheal Histed
Associate Director, ERM & Insurance          Director, Office of Risk Management


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