Module 1.3 - Worker's Rights

All workers in Ontario have core rights. These rights form the basis of the occupational health and safety system in Ontario.

  1. The right to know about hazards (either actual or potential) that the worker may encounter in the work activities.
  2. The right to participate; for example, as a member of the health and safety committee, or to become a certified member, etc.
  3. The right to refuse work that the worker believes may endanger him/herself or another worker.

Additionally, reprisals on the part of the employer for enacting any of these rights are prohibited by law. An example of a reprisal could include disciplinary action (suspension, penalties, etc.), intimidation, threats of dismissal, etc. If a reprisal is believed to have occurred, contact Risk Management.

This online session will focus more on the right to participate, the right to refuse unsafe work and the associated processes.

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