N95 Mask Fit Testing

Please review the attached document (press Ctrl+Click to follow link) for the mask sizes that are currently available within most of our clinical placement agencies. If your current mask size does not have a check mark where your clinical placement is located, you must get refitted for the correct size.

Disposable N95 masks are used by health practitioners to ensure no bacteria or infections are passed between you and your patients. The appropriate fit size and type are essential, so you must be fit tested. The Clinical Placement Risk Management team organizes fit-test clinics during the academic year. Each clinic is reserved for specific groups of student. Students in Pembroke are fit tested through their Health Services department.

Mask fit-testings will be offered throughout the school year. Details concerning mask fit-test clinics for your program will be sent to your uOttawa email.

If you need an immediate mask fitting, you can book an appointment with ParaMed Home Health Care at 613-728-7080 or with Levitt-Safety at 613-225-9550.

Consult your program requirements and deadlines.

Please note:

  • Fit testing has to be conducted every two years. *Although all efforts will be made to ensure students are only fit-tested once, there may be cases where students need to be refit-tested additional times (out of stock, mask not available in their hospital settings or due to the expiration of the mask)This cost will not be covered by tuition fees and will need to be covered by the student directly.
  • Masks are included in the adjustment fee, therefore, you do not have to buy a mask in advance.
  • Any significant facial changes (size, shape, etc.) require re-testing for your mask.
  • Some facial hair should be removed as it affects the accuracy of the fit test.

For all questions regarding mask fit-testing, including issues regarding facial hair, please contact ehss1@uottawa.ca or at 613-562-5800 ext. 2378. For students attending the Pembroke campus, you need to contact Laurie Ann Klawitter at klawitl@algonquincollege.com or at 613-735-4700 ext. 2748.

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