Air Emissions Reporting

The University has a responsibility to report certain air emission parameters to provincial and federal regulators. Reporting to the Ministry of Environment (MOE) for air emissions is mandatory for all universities since 2002. The regulators request the following:

  • Environment Canada - National Pollutant Release Inventory CAC list (SOx, NOx, CO, and particulates); and
  • MOE - Regulation 127 parameters (SOx, NOx, and HFC-134a).

How do the emissions get determined? The oversimplified answer is:

  1. An inventory of all heating and cooling equipment on campus is done.
  2. The volume of heating oil burned to heat our buildings is determined.
  3. Any releases of HFC-134a get accounted for.
  4. Engineering drawings are used to calculate stack heights, exit velocity, height…
  5. Air emission factors from the US EPA get used to calculate emissions in tonnes.
  6. Reports get sent to MOE and Environment Canada by June 1st of every year.

If you are interested in receiving a copy of the emission results please contact ORM.

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